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Good day, we are S2-03 IRS group team Ecstasy. We are researching about how myopia affects teenagers of the 21st century and possible solutions to help them. In our team, we have Roid Shafiq (The Project Manager),Tony Zhang (The Research Specialist),Daryl Puan (The Communications Manager) and Danial Haziq (The Multimedia Manager)


Q1) Do you or any of your family members have myopia?

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This shows that more than 95% of the population have/ family members with myopia.

Q2) How has myopia affected your life?
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85% of the respondents stated that myopia has burdened their lives. With the hassle of putting on glasses / contacts every time they leave the house or be blinded by myopia to the costs of replacing glasses once they are worn out or contacts once they’ve run out.

Q3) What do you think are the causes of myopia?
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The common causes of myopia are through using electronic devices too often, doing work without appropriate lighting causing excessive strain to the eye and hereditary. Using devices too often comes in first as the most common cause at 61%, followed by hereditary at 26% and lastly doing work without appropriate lighting with 13% of the respondents stating that as a cause.

Q4) How do you think myopia can be avoided?
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There are mainly three methods to improve / prevent suggested through the surveys. Taking frequent breaks while using electronics comes in first as the most suggested method at 48% of the respondents suggesting it. Secondly maintaining proper distance from the screens while using the devices comes in second with 30% and 22% have suggested going outdoors more often.

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