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Good day, we are S2-03 IRS group team Ecstasy. We are researching about how myopia affects teenagers of the 21st century and possible solutions to help them. In our team, we have Roid Shafiq (The Project Manager),Tony Zhang (The Research Specialist),Daryl Puan (The Communications Manager) and Danial Haziq (The Multimedia Manager)


Statement Of Problem:

Myopia is a condition whereby light does not focus properly on to the retina, causing the unfocused image to appear blur. Corrective lenses have to be worn to focus the image correctly on the retina. Close objects appear normal, whereas distant objects will appear blurry and unfocused. Myopia is on the rise around the world, especially in the Asian region. 1.6 billion people around the world, about 25 per cent of the population, is shortsighted and this is predicted to rise to over a third of the population by 2020. In Asian cities, between 30 and 50 per cent of 12-year-old children have some degree of shortsightedness. In the USA it is not as bad, with 20 per cent of kids at this age that are myopic. The problem isn't as bad in Australia with only about two per cent of four year olds and 15 per cent of 12-year-olds that are myopic. But by the age of 20 though, this rises to about 30 per cent. -Peter Lavelle(2005)

Research Objectives: 
This research aims to find out:
1. What are the factors causing myopia to rise among teenagers in Singapore? 
2. What are the effects of myopia among teenagers in Singapore? 
3. What are some of the efforts to combat myopia among teenagers in Singapore?

-This topic is viable as a considerable amount of teenagers are suffering from myopia.
-There are many researches about myopia online and they can be accessed easily

-We can easily interview professionals in that area, opticians, as we are able to find them around in optical shops at shopping centers.

-We can do this together as a group and divide the work equally amongst ourselves and our roles
-That way, we can do this fairly easily

-We expect some difficulty in doing the project but we intend to cope with it by asking the members to do their part in the research.

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