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Good day, we are S2-03 IRS group team Ecstasy. We are researching about how myopia affects teenagers of the 21st century and possible solutions to help them. In our team, we have Roid Shafiq (The Project Manager),Tony Zhang (The Research Specialist),Daryl Puan (The Communications Manager) and Danial Haziq (The Multimedia Manager)


We would conduct surveys online through email and social media, selecting various people from different backgrounds to get different views on the topic and conducted interviews with a few opticians and summarise our results. We will hold about ten survey questions based on our research title, 'How
Myopia affects teenagers of the 21st century" using Google Forms and
about 30-50 SST students to fill them out for us, mainly from our class. This survey will show how they fight against myopia. These results will show us how myopia affects the teenagers . After we collect the data from the surveys, we will collate them together to analyse the data and review many teenagers on average are suffering from myopia and how it is affecting them.

who: various students.
what: gathering information about myopia.
where: SST, school of science and technology
how: through surveys.

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